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Evroflora+, IP
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About enterprise Evroflora+, IP

The company carries out a full range of services in the field of landscape design and design, improvement and gardening of urban and private areas, objects of commercial real estate and elite cottage settlements.

Presence of qualified specialists, experience of design and construction of facilities of landscape architecture, competent use of construction equipment, mechanisms and the equipment allows to perform works on gardening qualitatively, in short terms and on competitive prices. We carry out guarantee and post warranty service of objects of gardening.

Wholesale supply of landing material from own nursery and from the best producers of Germany, Belgium and Poland. Being a producer, we guarantee a wide assortment row at high quality of plants, and also reasonable prices and favorable conditions of wholesale deliveries (cumulative discounts to 20% of retail price).

The garden center "Evroflora", Astana, offers decorative and lesnyedrevesno-shrubby breeds for external gardening, ukryvny and pritenochny fabrics, wood bark for a mulchirovaniye and other accompanying materials for green construction, and also specialized materials for nurseries.

For a lesomelioration and producers of plants - a special offer of seedlings and young material for further production.

All delivered plants are selected taking into account local climatic conditions and pass at us obligatory additional acclimatization. The plants which are grown up in own nursery in the conditions of the central Belarus do not demand the adaptation period that positively affects quality of landing material and provides the maximum survival.

Long-term efforts of our company on creation of landscapes allowed to come into steady contacts both with partners in business, and with customers who recommend us to the acquaintances and partners.

We invite to cooperation the state enterprises, the construction organizations, intermediaries, and also individuals and the organizations which are engaged in landscaping, improvement and gardening, representatives of the retail networks wishing to fill up the range with plants of an open ground.

Let's be always glad to see you among the partners in business or customers. Our experts will provide you professional consultation at the choice of plants, to landing, maintenance and care of them, if necessary will leave to you on object.



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